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3 Proven Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Nowadays there are thousands of articles that promise to spill “top-secret” travel tips, tips that will have you blending in with the locals on your next vacation.  However, many of these tips make our pocketbooks soon beg for relief and send us crawling back home without much more than we started and not any new memories.  Two years ago, my best friend and I made a discovery that would change our lives: that we knew nothing about our own hometown. Sure, we knew where all the staple points were like the mall and the beach but that was it. I had gotten so caught up in my travels that I never stopped to explore the one place I called home. It occurred to us that while we envied the “wonder” tourists have when they take in everything for the first time, the daily grind of our own lives at home had turned everything mundane.  So we decided to change that and take back the touristic wonder, and here’s how you can too:

  1. Explore 

Getting lost is the best way to find something unique, of course as long as you do it in a safe manner. Challenge yourself, pick a direction and just drive until you see something that catches your eye. Most of our adventures start with no destination in mind. If you need a little help, Triposo is the perfect app to point you on your way. Not only does it show you all the must-sees, it also gives you a brief historical background on your town.

  1. Check the Internet for Upcoming Events

What better way to experience your town than experiencing an event. For our first adventure, we attended a Halloween festival at a small botanical garden.  We arrived to find that it was mostly families, but that didn’t stop us from having the best time; we pet chickens, ate food and looked at weird plants. Apps like Eventbrite and Local are free resources that connect you to local upcoming events.

  1. Ask the Locals

Don’t be afraid to ask locals for suggestions; after all, nothing says tourist better.  You can even get some cool ideas from Instagram. If you live in a big enough city free walking tours are the way to go, locals will not only guide you through the must-sees of your town but often also show you their favorite place to hang out.

Remember to embrace your inner tourist, bring the camera, and feel free to wear that overrated Hawaiian shirt, just have fun with it, you’ll be surprised what you find!

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