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My Favorite Florentine Cafes

Before coming to Italy, I had this picture in my head: me sitting in a café, sipping on a latte and working on my blog. I soon realized my vision, trying lots of different cafes, and hurting my bank account in the process and these are the ones that became my favorites.

  1. Rivarno

Located along the Arno, it’s no wonder this has become my favorite Florentine café. Its natural environment and free Wi-Fi make it the perfect place to catch up with friends or get some work done. While having tried something different each time, my favorite remains the orange juice which is a refreshing mix of ginger, orange, and other deliciousness.

  1. La Vespe

This quickly became the go-to spot for our modern-day breakfast club. It’s an American-style breakfast, and free water are just some of the many reasons we came after every art history class. If you like La Vespe, you should also check out Rooster Café, a similar American-style breakfast place.

  1. Shake Cafe

Shake Café is perfect for satisfying your fruit fix. It offers a great selection of acai bowls and vegan options, for all my fellow vegans out there, whoop whoop! Not to mention it was completely responsible for helping to curb my chai latte addiction.

  1. Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno

Fellow blogger, GirlinFlorence, introduced me to this place and I’m so glad she did. It’s near window sitting makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind with a cup of deliciously tasty coffee, but its bar serves the dual function of transforming it at night.

  1. UniVerso

Calling all Vegans! This little café is the perfect place to get delicious vegan-friendly options.

  1. Caffe Letterario

Prison turned café; this place offers a unique environment for both coffee and drinks after work. While it often isn’t advised to bring your kids to a prison, this one is equipped with a foosball table and food for that late afternoon snack.

  1. Oblate

Did anyone say coffee and a view? Located on top of Florence’s library, this offers the best view of the Duomo.


I still haven’t been able to try all the cafes in Florence, so feel free to comment your favorite Florentine café down below!

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