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New in November: Monthly Favorites

With holidays right around the corner, I thought I’d make a monthly favorites post. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving, so feel free to incorporate them in your daily routine or use them as gift ideas!


Tech Favorites 

YouTube Channel Krist and Yu

Although it’s not really a new thing, I’ve been getting really into YouTube lately. One of the YouTube channels I’ve been loving is Krist and Yu. Krist is a twentysomething from California who makes a variety of videos from lifestyle blogs to travel vlogs to monthly favorites videos. After a long day at school or work, there’s nothing more relaxing then turning on my twinkling lights, grabbing a warm drink, and watching some YouTube videos. Let me know about your favorite YouTubers in the comments!

Ambient Mixer

Another thing I’ve been loving is the app ambient mixer. If you’re a book nerd like me, you need to check it out! This app gives you the perfect background noise to listen to when you are studying or just relaxing; only it’s from your favorite fictional worlds. With hundreds of options, there’s something for everyone. The two that I listen to most often are Hogwarts library, because who doesn’t want to relive their childhood fantasies, and The Perfect Storm.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you’re like me and your car is old enough that it doesn’t have Bluetooth, you need this Bluetooth FM Transmitter! It converts your vehicle’s radio so it’s a Bluetooth receiver, meaning you can jam to all your favorite playlists. There’s nothing more annoying than belting out your favorite song only to be cut off by an ad, even if some of them are catchy enough to get stuck in your head all day. Its low price makes it the perfect gift for friends or even yourself.



Courtesy of Alisa Anton


I found hygge a couple of months ago and since then have not stopped obsessing over it. Hygge is the Danish art of living a comfortable life. For all the self-care junkies out there, hygge is the lifestyle you’ve been looking for.  Hygge encourages you to stop and enjoy the little things. And now that the temperature is finally dropping, hygge is more relevant than ever. Stay tuned for ideas on how to incorporate hygge into your everyday life. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming article: Hygge for the Holidays.

Simplify Your Life Challenge

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been getting more into YouTube. One of the intentional living YouTubers I’ve been obsessing over, MuchelleB, created a simplify your life challenge. If you’re into living a more self-aware lifestyle or just want to learn how to “adult” I would highly recommend checking out her channel, especially this challenge. Through her videos and her ebook, she takes you on a 30-day life simplifying trial that will leave you feeling refreshed and organized. This challenge includes how to organize your closet, prioritize goals, and live a minimalist life. I can guarantee once you start you won’t want to stop.

Nightly Study Dates

It’s getting close to finals time, meaning I, like most of you, am getting caught up in a whirlwind of to-dos. Unfortunately, this means less time to socialize, but my roommates and I have found a way to cope with that. Every night they join me for my nightly routine of twinkly lights, my self-care to-do list, and getting things done. I sit at my desk typing away as they scatter themselves across my bed and floor. Despite short breaks for random life questions and small chit-chat we motivate ourselves to be productive. By the end of the night, I feel accomplished and have spent quality time with people I love.



Wet and Wild MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter 

For only six dollars, this Wet and Wild Highlighter racks up the compliments. It’s light and airy, so you don’t even notice you’re wearing it, but it instantly makes you feel more dressed up. The best part: it’s cruelty-free! The only down-side is if you’re clumsy like me, the bottle is glass and breakable. The ghost of its shattered remains haunts the sidewalk outside my apartment. Rip Wet and Wild Highlighter 2k18. You can find it at CVS, Target, or your local drugstore.

Running at the Gym

Our gym has an indoor track. While it was great in the fall, it’s even better now that the temperature’s rapidly declining. It helps me to get my exercise while preventing any hypothermia. I used to be really bad at pacing myself, perks of playing soccer and only knowing how to sprint, but I’m finally learning, and my running buddies are very thankful. We do ten laps, a mile, hey what can we say I’m new to it, before taking a relaxing dip in the hot tub.


Courtesy of Roman Kraft

Vegan Cookbook

My dad, being the adorable human that he is, sent this beginner vegan cookbook in a care package. This has been essential in my journey of learning how to cook without burning down the kitchen (My roommates anxiously awaited my first battle with the stove all month).

The book is full of amazing recipes that vary from simple cinnamon bananas to more complicated things like fruit sushi and pumpkin soup. If you know any vegans, this is the perfect holiday gift.


Well, I hope you found my favorites helpful, that’s all for now, until next month! Don’t forget to tell me about your monthly favorites in the comments!


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