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December Favorites

This holiday season has been filled with lots of new favorites and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Tech Favorites 


If you’re like me you face the inner struggle of wanting to help combat deforestation but also overwatering every plant you’ve ever owned (what can I say I’m a concerned parent). Ecosia helps to act on your good intentions. I found out about Ecosia through Youtuber, Jordan Clark in December and haven’t stopped using it since. Ecosia is a search engine that aims to help with reforestation by donating to non-profit organizations that focus on conservationism. Ecosia has already helped to plant more than 46 million trees!

Courtesy of Frame Harirak

AlexRainBird Playlist

I was looking for some new music, a.k.a. procrastinating studying for exams, when I stumbled across AlexRainBird. AlexRainBird is a YouTube channel that generates monthly playlists of underrated pop, folk, and rock music. While I still love to jam to some Ben Howard or Logic (honestly my playlist is one giant mess that will give you whiplash), I’ve been loving being exposed to tons of underrated artists. So grab a warm drink, plop a bath bomb in the tub, and throw on AlexRainBird’s latest playlist.



Kanken Backpack

I had been seeing Kanken backpacks all over the internet and with my Jansport backpack recently stolen this gave me the perfect excuse to invest in a Kanken; well ask for it for Christmas. (Open Letter to my backpack thief: You suck.) It didn’t take minutes for me to realize what all the hype was about, with adjustable straps and its small size it makes it the perfect backpack for my daily adventures.

Blue Door Coffee Bar

Since last December my roommate, Elese, has been asking me to come visit her in Stuart and go to her favorite coffee shop, Blue Door. Almost a year later I finally got the chance. If you’ve been following along with my blog you’ve probably noticed that I love coffee shops and am always looking for new ones to explore (If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments). You can probably imagine how wide my smile stretched when I walked in to see twinkly lights that hung along the ceiling and heard the live music that drifted in from the patio. If you ever find yourself in Stuart definitely stop by and pick up a coffee and a pastry.



Pony Scarfs

For Christmas, Em, one of my best friends, made me a hygge kit and in it were these adorable pony scarfs. My hair remains up pretty much 90 percent of the time. These pony scarfs help me to look more like a chic hipster and less like a lazy gremlin. Don’t worry if you’re not good with hair as I definitely am not; all you have to do is wrap them around your hair like a normal hair tie.

Cat Meffan Yoga

For winter break, I decided to set the goal of practicing yoga only to realize that I had no idea how to do yoga. Some awkward stretches and Pinterest tutorials later and I found Cat Meffan. Through her Youtube channel Cat provides weekly free yoga classes that are easy to follow.

SilhouPETte Necklace

As you may have read in my recent article I lost my puppy in October. To say it was devastating would be an understatement, but my brother Nick found a way I could keep her with me. On Christmas, I unwrapped a gorgeous black lab necklace with glistening eyes.  While it’s still not easy I now feel like I get to carry a piece of her with me every day.


Well, I hope you found my favorites helpful, that’s all for now, until next month! Don’t forget to tell me about your monthly favorites in the comments!


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