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January Favorites

New Year and you know what that means new favorites!


Quick Disclaimer: if you’ve seen my other monthly favorites you’ve probably noticed that instead of a Places section I had a Tech section. I decided to switch it up because I’m more passionate about traveling and more passion = a better read (hopefully).

Blue Dogg Tattoo

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I got my first tattoo! The amount of anxiety that filled me before I got it was radioactive, but I, well my dad, could not have picked a better place to go: Blue Dogg Tattoo. Shane, my tattoo artist, was so sweet and knew what I wanted. Not to mention the price was incredibly reasonable!

Tally Cat Cafe

Last Saturday my roommates and I did that spontaneous adventuring thing that we do and decided to check out the Tally Cat Cafe. Even though I’m a Dog person I had such an amazing time; it even went down as my moment of joy for the day (don’t worry I’ll get to that soon). Not only are the kittens adorable but so is the actual place! We got there a little bit earlier than our time slot, giving us the perfect amount of time to enjoy a Chai Kit-tea (that was its name!) and a vegan cookie in adorable cat shaped chairs. By the time I left, I was convinced I needed to adopt the calico cat who spent the whole hour curled up around me.

Providence Canyon

A week into the semester and my best friend and I were already burnt out. The only cure: a road trip. We decided to spend the day hiking at Providence Canyon, and it turns out that was exactly what we needed! A day outdoors with amazing people an incredible view made picking my daily moment of joy incredibly difficult…so I picked the whole day.



Her Campus FSU

This semester I started as a staff writer at Her Campus FSU, and I’m honestly so excited. Working for a magazine that’s dedicated to empowering women has always been a dream of mine. And now I get to do it with my best friend and a group of amazing women. Our Galentines Day event is coming up, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to meet everyone! Wish me luck because we’re going rollerskating and let’s just say the last time I went I spent more time crawling to the wall then I did skating (you can laugh, it was hysterical).

Daily Moments of Joy

You know that feeling when you’re on a long car ride, and you start reminiscing about all the “good ole times.” Well, I was staring at the passing cars lost in my daydreams when it occurred to me that I don’t cherish those moments enough. It broke my heart to think that I may have even forgotten some of them. So now every day in my agenda I write down one moment of the day when I wasn’t thinking about anything, just lost in my happiness. These moments can be as simple as late night talks with my roomies or something more complex like my road trip to Georgia. Not only has it helped to significantly adjust my attitude, but after each month I get to go back and figure out what moments I’m happiest in.

How to Hygge

If you read my November favorites, you probably remember hearing about hygge. Well since then my love for hygge has grown and with it is a new love for Helena Olsen’s book, How to Hygge. Throughout her book, she details 33 ways to bring hygge into your space and your life. It’s a light and informative read that will have your life “hyggified” in no time!

Courtesy of Fabiola Penalba



Dearly Bethany

Bethany is a YouTuber who I’ve been loving.  Her channel, Dearly Bethany, is dedicated to fashion and lifestyle tips. She even has a series on how to look taller, which is essential when you only reach 5’3 1/2  on a good day. If you have any interest in fashion, I would highly recommend checking out her channel. Fair warning though you might just get inspired to redo your whole wardrobe.

Lush Lip Scrub

If you know me, then you know that no matter how hard I try makeup has never been my thing.  Perhaps the reason I have so much time in the morning is that my makeup routine consists of one step: rubbing some lush lip scrub on my lips. I got the Cranberry one for Christmas and ever since I have been hooked. It gives me just a splash of color while preventing my lips from chapping.

Mason Jars

I think it’s only fair to state that I’ve been obsessed with mason jars since middle school. Over winter break my mom gave me one that was meant for drinking and honestly it’s changed my life! Okay, not really but it has drastically increased my water intake. There’s something so sophisticated and fun about drinking out of a mason jar!


Courtesy of Sonnie Hiles

Along with keeping track of my joyful moments I’ve also been writing down the song of the day allowing me to create this lovely playlist for you. Warning: viewers may get whiplash from the rapid changes in genre.

Comment below with your moment of joy and song of the day!

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