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Cafes of the East Coast

If you look on my bucket list, one of the first things on the list is go on a road trip with my best friends and this spring break I got to check it off! We spent our break in the Shenandoah Valley, stopping at Ashville, Charlotte, and Washington D.C. along the way.  I’m not going to go into too much detail about our actual trip because *spoiler alert* I have an upcoming blog post dedicated to our whirlwind adventure.

Instead, I thought I’d give you a little sneak preview. If you know me, you’re probably aware of my slightly unhealthy (maybe more than slightly, I’m still in denial of my addiction) addiction to cute cafes. And what better way to try a whole bunch of new cafes then on a road trip? If you find yourself road tripping up to Virginia anytime soon, these are some of the cafes that you absolutely must visit!


Black Sheep- Harrisonburg, VA

It’s no secret why all the JMU students go to Black Sheep to study. Its college-town coffee shop aesthetic made me wish I had a good book to go with my Vegan cookie. The best part? I bought chai mix so I can fuel my addiction on days that I can’t make it to a coffee shop (feel free to shake your head at me I’m content with my questionable decisions).

Courtesy: Black Sheep


Between Friends- Warner Robins, GA

We were on the way to Dunkin when I saw a sign for a cafe, my eyes lit up and when Chaela read “author-themed” I turned my car around a little too fast. Don’t worry we made it there alive so I can’t be that bad of a driver, right? The cafe was absolutely adorable, not only was the cafe littered with books and nerdy signs, but all the drinks are named after famous authors! Because of this cafe I now have a new goal in life: become a good enough writer to have a drink (preferably a vegan chai latte) named after me.

Courtesy: @mrsbrittanyelizabeth


Fractals- Asheville, NC

Like Between Friends, Fractals was another coffee shop that we just happened to stumble upon. With vegan sandwiches (along with an assortment of nonvegan ones), chai lattes, and fun interactives what more could you ask for? This is the perfect place to get a feel for Asheville’s quirky character and enjoy a warm drink. While you’re in Asheville, make sure to check out Malaprops book store!

Courtesy: @onhaywood


Happy Creek Coffee- Front Royal, VA

My roommate, Chaela, had been telling us about Happy Creek Coffee and it did not disappoint, seriously we went there twice, once before seeing Captain Marvel (sidenote: if you haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet what are you doing with your life?) and once for my best friend’s Jae and mine’s weekly writing date. I instantly fell in love with its rustic charm and local artwork that decorated the walls (what can I say I’m a sucker for black and white photography).  And we can’t forget about the much-needed apple cider that kept my inner-Floridian from freezing. The only downside: there aren’t a lot of vegan options, so if you’re vegan I would plan to eat before; but don’t worry it’s in downtown Front Royal, so there are plenty of options (including a  C&C Frozen Treats, vegan-friendly ice cream shop).

Courtesy: Trip Advisor


Crown Station- Charlotte, NC

Crown Station is the perfect combination of a night on the town and chill coffee shop aesthetics. It’s also where I took my relationship with chai to the next level. That’s right I finally tried a dirty chai. Everyone was right, it’s life-changing. Located in NoDa, Crown Station is the perfect place to grab your chai before hitting the town! If you’re anything like me you’ll love this part of Charlotte. It screams hipster with all its crazy art murals and adorable boutiques, and they have a cat cafe!


HipCityVeg- Washington DC

If you’re wondering what a Vegan’s Heaven looks like just step into HipCityVeg. With countless options, I was reminded just how indecisive I could be when I actually have menu choices. I settled for a basic vegan burger and it was delicious! By far my favorite part was its dedication to being eco-friendly. I mean what other “fast food” place has a compost container?

Courtesy: HipCityVeg


I’d love to hear about your favorite coffee shops, so drop a comment down below!

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