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March Favorites

March went by in a whirlwind of new places, and I’m here to take you on that journey!



Shenandoah National Park, VA

If you guys follow me on Instagram or have read my latest post, you probably noticed that my roommates and I went on a road trip for spring break. If you’re wondering if we had fun let’s just leave it at this, it wasn’t even a day into it before we started planning our next road trip. A trip to Shenandoah National Park and I was considering transferring schools. We were driving up the mountain, squeaks escaping my lips as the roads got narrower with every turn (what can I say I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, mountains aren’t a thing), when the first flurry hit my windshield.  I pulled over to the overlook view, and we all piled out, the sky raining soft cotton balls. We then proceeded to have a complete Floridian moment, attempting to make snowballs and slipping over ice. Yes, I did get a video of us falling. No, I’m not going to show it. 

NoDa, NC

Our road trip came and went in a haze of big cities and even bigger mountains. But we weren’t ready to leave, not without one last bang: Charlotte. One thing you should know about me: if you live me in charge of making decisions I will choose the artsiest, hipster place available (that is of course after hours of indecision). And that’s exactly what I did. We spent the night in and out of art boutiques, admiring street murals, eating instagrammable popsicles and of course sipping on warm drinks at a coffee bar. However, my favorite part was the night-time yoga Elese, and I did. Let’s just say it was a little less zen and a lot more clumsily laughing.

Midtown Reader, Fl

When I’m not traveling, I have to find a way to keep myself from spontaneously moving to Europe. My solution? Midtown Reader. Midtown reader is my favorite bookstore in Tallahassee. If the books aren’t enough, the adorable cupcake shop (they have vegan options!) on the second floor does it. If you decide to check it out, which you need to, I would suggest timing it on the night of a monthly reading. It’s crazy inspiring to hear everyone’s different takes on the same prompt. While it won’t keep my in Tally for every, it’s definitely enough motivation to stay for now.




Courtesy of @quibe

Line Art

As an artist, I’m constantly looking for new inspiration, and one of my biggest inspirations right now is line art. I have always loved art with a minimalist aesthetic. While I like abstract art, I love having a tangible image I can grasp onto. For me, line art is the perfect blend of minimalism, abstraction, and realism. Right now my favorite line artists are Quibe and DFT. If you know of any other great artist, let me know in the comments!

Nightly Routines

I’ve had my morning routine nailed down to a science for a while now,  but my nightly routine had been slacking. Watching YouTube every night until I fell asleep left my eyes hurting and my sleep less than satisfactory. While I’m still developing my night routine, I look forward to that hour before bed that I have completely for myself. My favorite thing to do right now is to crawl in bed with a warm drink and read a chapter of a book before turning off the lights. It gives my eyes a chance to adjust and brain a chance to relax. If anyone has any good book suggestions leave them in the comments below!


Memorial Ring

You may be wondering why I put my ring in the lifestyle section and not in the beauty section. I did so, simply, because it’s more than a ring, it’s a reminder. If you read my Reflecting on 2018 post, you might remember that I lost two of my biggest supporters this past year. To say losing them was hard would be an understatement. The pain, the void of what was lost, was unbearable, but I knew I had to move on, it’s what they would have wanted. That being said, moving on is different than forgetting, moving on is remembering but also acknowledging that it will never be the same. That’s exactly what this ring is for me, a way to remember them; a way to keep them with me even when it may seem like they’re gone.



Conair Exfoliating Brush

You may have noticed by now that my beauty return is pretty simple. Most of the time I choose to go without makeup and a fancy hairdo, the one thing that I never skip, though, is washing my face. I recently got a new exfoliating face brush, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Not only does it leave my skin soft and glowing but it helps to wake me up!

Courtesy of @dearlybethany


You guys may remember from my last favorites post that I love Dearly Bethany’s YouTube channel. I’m constantly looking for new ways I can express myself through fashion, and her channel is a huge inspiration. I have always loved a minimalist look, and her monochrome style encompasses that perfectly, which is why I started to implement it into my wardrobe. My new favorite look is a black monochromatic outfit with gold statement jewelry. It makes me look slimmer and taller while still expressing my minimalist aesthetic.

Mom Jeans

Not going to lie, I have always loved the look of mom jeans; however, it wasn’t until this month that I was finally able to find a pair that work for me.  I always thought that my body type, curvy, just wasn’t meant for mom jeans. That was until I was scrolling through the target clearance rack and I found what is now my favorite pair of jeans. I love to pair the black distressed mom jeans with my black cropped sweater for a monochromatic look. The best part? The jeans were only six dollars! You read that right, don’t worry I put this as my last favorite fully knowing that you’re probably grabbing your keys ready to head to target.

Here’s my playlist for March, feel free to listen to it on your way over to Target. Also, comment down below with your favorites for this month!


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