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Youtubers Every Girl Boss Needs to Watch

Like any good Girl Boss knows, finding your community is essential in reaching your full potential. In today’s society, your online community plays a large role in shaping who you are, so why not join a community with other Girl Bosses! Sometimes, finding an online community that fits your personality can be hard, so I thought I’d give you some suggestions to get you on your way to finding your online Girl Gang.

For the Fashionista

Courtesy of @dearlybethany

Dearly Bethany

If you love a minimal timeless style, then Bethany’s channel is for you! Bethany provides a variety of beautiful outfit ideas while suggesting her favorite sustainable fashion brands. While her video podcast runs a close second, my favorite series of hers is her “How to Look Taller” series. As a petite woman who reaches 5’3 1/2 on a good day, this series offers life-changing advice on how to style outfits to create a slim and tall illusion.

Courtesy of @iamlucymoon

Lucy Moon

Thrift hauls, lookbooks, and sustainable brand reviews are just a few of the many videos Lucy offers on her channel. If you’re looking for inspiration to start your capsule wardrobe or just want to watch a “Get Ready With Me” video while you put on your makeup, she’s your girl!

For the Artist

Courtesy of @thesorrygirls

The Sorry Girls

The Sorry Girls are perfect if you’re looking for at-home DIYs or you’re wanting to revamp a thrifted piece. Not only do the pair make for fun and relatable entertainment, but their dollar store and thrifting challenges will leave your apartment looking like a Pinterest picture without breaking the bank.

Courtesy of @jordan.e.clark

Jordan Clark

Whether you’re into bullet journaling, painting, or at home-DIYs Jordan’s channel is for you. With their soft music and aesthetically-pleasing layouts, her videos will make you want to grab your art supplies and get crafting! If you’re a beginning artist, don’t worry, her tutorials make it easy to follow along, or you can just opt to relax with a warm drink and her studio vlog.


The Goal-Setting Girl Boss

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From self-care habits to goal-setting ideas, Aileen’s channel is perfect for those interested in self-development.  Her channel offers videos ranging from declutters to manifestation practices and life-changing habits, making it the one stop shop for all personal development junkies.

Courtesy of @muchelleb


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably heard me mention Muchelle before. For all the Girl Bosses who love the feeling you get from being productive, I would highly recommend checking out Muchelle’s channel. Muchelle is an intentional living YouTuber whose videos are filled with tips on how to live your best life. Not only does her channel serve as some serious motivation, but her weekly resets and goal challenges are life-changing!


For the Athletic

Courtesy of @sarahs_day

Sarah’s Day

This new mom provides loads of workout ideas, along with an authentic approach of what it means to be healthy. Her workout routines and healthy recipes will leave you feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world, or at least the gym!

Courtesy of @catmeffan

Cat Meffan

Calling all Yogis! Whether you’re looking for a strength-building or relaxing stretchy Sunday yoga flow, Cat’s channel has it all. Her videos are the perfect way to get your workout in when the Leach is closed, or you’re looking for a more relaxing environment, like your dorm.


For the Environmentalist

Courtesy @madeleineolivia

Madeleine Olivia

With “What I Eat In a Day” videos and easy vegan recipes, Madeleine gives a realistic look into what it really means to be vegan. Along with tons of yummy recipes, she documents her journey with minimalism, sustainability, and no-poo, shampoo that is.

Courtesy of @sustainably_vegan

The Sustainably Vegan

If you’re looking for ideas on how to reduce your waste or are thinking about going vegan, I would highly recommend checking out Immy’s channel.  Her videos give helpful tips on how to effectively adopt the minimalist and low-waste lifestyle. After just a few videos you’ll be on your way to adopting a greener lifestyle.


Whether you’re into sustainability or fashion, your online community is out there. Now go grab a warm beverage and get to watching!

Comment down below with who your favorite youtuber is!


**this article original appeared in Her Campus FSU**

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