A Halloweek in my Life

Friday, October 25th

My spooky Halloween started with a fall drive to Thomasville, GA. This forty-minute drive is one of my favorites; it’s on a two-lane highway surrounded by trees. Paired with a Ben Howard playlist, you can’t beat it. I didn’t have work since my campus was shut down for Homecoming so I decided to take to my favorite cafe to get the productivity juices flowing. Okay, here’s a fun drinking game: take a shot every time I go to a coffee shop this week. Actually, don’t, you will destroy your liver. 

After a couple of hours of working on my short story, I headed home, making a quick pit stop at Target to get the essentials: apple cider and pumpkin puree.  When I walked in, my roomies had laid out an array of vegan pumpkin snacks they had bought me from Trader Joes. I know, they’re adorable! I switched into my yellow sweater and headed over to my Little’s, Venus, for a family fall movie night. Side note: I’m part of a service sorority: Delta Nu Zeta. We’re kind of like a regular sorority. Only we don’t have a house, and our focus is community service; our main philanthropy is CARE, a Tallahassee-based animal rescue. We decided to watch Coraline because that’s the name of my Big, Katie’s, new kitten. We feasted on apple cider and spooky trail mix Katie had made.

Saturday, October 26th

Okay, a quick disclaimer: I feel that I owe it to you guys to be honest, especially since I don’t ever want to aid in this ideal image of an unattainable perfect life. Saturday marked the first anniversary of when we had to put my puppy down. Friday was the 90th birthday of my grandma, who also passed last fall. So this week wasn’t always pumpkins and fall vibes. That being said, spending time with friends helped to prevent me from going into too much of a slump. I’m not going to go much into this because I want this article to be light-hearted. I just wanted to show more of a vulnerable side that I often don’t show on my blog to stay true to my authentic self.

Anyways, back to spooky fun!

My best friend from UF, Caroline, came up to visit this weekend, so we celebrated with some spooky feels. First things first: falafel and catching up over a pumpkin latte at my favorite cafe.  After some quick thrifting which I somehow managed to make it through without buying another sweater; we headed to the pumpkin patch. I loved to say we were entirely immersed in fall aesthetic, but our slacking had led to a pumpkin patch full of let’s just say bruised pumpkins. It’s okay that didn’t stop us from buying four pumpkins. What can I say it is spooky season!

The night took a dramatic turn, and soon I was a line, having just spent $18 for a ticket to a haunted house that was sure to make me piss my pants. The clown outside was enough to do me in for a week of nightmares.

“Whatever you do, please refrain from punching any of the actors,” our guide said before opening what could only be described as the gates to hell. We had made it past the possessed doll, and Satan’s personal hell hound when Caroline’s headband began to slip. Sure, there was a demon lurking in the corner, but even being the novice I am, still know the number one rule is to leave no man behind. Or is it every man for themselves? Fearlessly I calmed my beating heart and reached down to pick up the abandoned.

“We have to keep going! Leave it Behind!” One of the guys in our group call, desperately trying to push past me. In one fowl swoop, I bent down, retrieved the hairband, and skirted towards the exit. I know, I know, I’m fearless. 

Sunday, October 27th

The morning started how every fall Sunday morning should: with homemade pumpkin pancakes and cold brew. Our pancakes freshly doused in syrup, we searched Netflix for something to watch. Please, Caroline begged. I tried to reason, the haunted house and two full episodes of Supernatural, what more could she want from me?  Ultimately I lost, and the thriller began to play. Okay, so I know in my last favorites, I swore that no scary movie would ever make it onto my favorites post, but I loved this one. All your horror fanatics will say it wasn’t scary. It wasn’t, but it was super fascinating. As Above, So Below explores the philosopher’s stone and Dante’s inferno. Like the Blaire Witch Project, it has the format of a fake documentary and has adult National Treasure vibes. I would highly recommend it for people who want a little spooky, but also like to sleep without a nightlight.

After obsessing over the meaning and pieces we missed we then headed to meet one of our friends at yet another cafe. Has your liver collapsed yet? A couple of hours later, I said goodbye and headed to my school’s green, Landis, for some pumpkin painting with my Her Campus ghoul gang. Get it? Don’t hate me. It was someone else’s dad joke. I went for a retro theme, with an old sign and a VW bus. Jae, my roomie, painted an adorable fox. They’re both now sitting on our porch, raining in the spooky vibes.

Monday, October 28th

I came home and started getting ready for my Her Campus Halloween potluck. Jae and I made spooky spiders and monster mouths. If you wanna make some festive treats, make oreo spiders. All you need is pretzels sticks, broken in half, for the legs and icing to attach the sugar eyes.   They were a big hit, the spiders even got featured on Her Campus’s Instagram.  After some spooky treats and Halloween-themed games I headed home and watched fall videos with my Twinkly lights on.

Tuesday, October 29th

If you follow my blog Instagram, you probably saw the spooky playlist that I spent the morning designing at a…you guessed it, coffee shop. By now, you’re probably signing me up for the AA version of coffee shops, CSA? It’s fine; I’m fine. *eye twitches compulsively* . After work, I headed over to Katie’s to decorate cupcakes and posters for my sorority’s fundraiser: Puppies and Pumpkins. Cora, her kitten, was not loving the fact that we were drawing puppies instead of kittens. Cupcakes packaged, we headed for our Halloween party with both Delta Nu Zeta and Her Campus.  It was at Calvin’s (I’ll let you guess what it is; I’ll give you a hint, two words, first starts with a c, second with an s.) They went all out with twinkle lights, Halloween charades, a variety of costumes, and spooky snacks!

Wednesday, October 30th

I save your liver and skip over me working at a coffee shop and go straight to spooky spin. I had been waiting in line and frantically checking the app for a frighteningly long time when all of a sudden, a spot opened up. I thought I was hallucinating, but ten minutes later, I’m adjusting my spin bike. I’ll set the mood: you walk in, past the door covered in caution tape. A trail of bloody footprints leads you to your bike lit up with glow sticks and spider webs while Halloween music blasts from the speakers. The decorations weren’t the only spooky thing, though. I thought I was going to die from the amount of resistance we added to our bike. Screw the haunted house. This really gave me a run for my money. That was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while, including my week of gym classes.

Five showers and a bucket of holy water later, I had finally rid myself of my toxic body odor, and it was time to head to The Wilbury for Emo night. It’s not a phase, mom! Okay, full disclosure I never went through an emo phase…I’m a fake. Instead, I went through a preppy phase; hey, that’s Palm Beach for you. This made getting compliments on my borrowed All Time Low shirt a little awkward, but it was worth it. My roommates, who actually had an emo phase, and I spent most the night dancing and making new friends.

Thursday, October 31, Halloween

Happy Halloween! If you know me, you probably know I’m not a huge fan of going out/engaging in the typical “college” scene. I find it to be a bunch of hocus pocus, sorry I couldn’t help myself. Speaking of which, that’s just what Halloween called for: a movie night with some friends. We rented a projector, turned on the twinkly lights, and let the festivities begin. If we’re being completely honest, I could have easily called it a night at 10:30, I’m a grandma, I know, but the night had other plans. I came home and got dressed up with my roommates. At 12, well past my bedtime, we were headed to a local bar. The unlikely trio that we were: red-riding hood after the wolf, a vampire, and a deer. You might be confused, considering I just said I don’t like going out. It’s true. I don’t like going clubbing or to frat parties, because I’m not a fan of drinking. What can I say, I’m crazy enough sober. But a bar with good music? Count me in!

Ten minutes in the door and the costume contest began — a girl with a giant big Mac head one. My favorite was Captain Black Sparrow, savvy? Then the trapeze artist came on; tonight’s theme was the Devil’s Carnival. I watched in wide-eyed as a guy spun from chains attached to the ceiling. The lights dimmed, and the beginning chords of Micheal Jackson’s thriller came on. I looked at my roommates, and we ran to the dance floor. Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi. We spent the rest of the night like Max’s parents in Hocus Pocus. And the best part: I was still home by 2 a.m. It was truly the happiest of Halloweens.

Let me know how you spent your Halloweek in the comments!


  • Louise Moreno

    Hi Sweetie! Thanks for the update on you college life adventures.. We had a very quiet Halloween, so nothing to report, but last weekend, had a party at a neighbor’s house. It was fun.
    She even had a DJ for dancing. Sorry about your losses, they are both in a happy place, and watching down on you. My sweet friend that introduced me to Grandpa (Florence) died, and a week later my brother-in-law in South Carolina died. We will miss both of them. Love you more

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