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Fall Favorites

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christm- but first, let’s take a look at some of my fall favorites. For the first day of Blogmas, let’s say goodbye to an amazing fall and see why fall is my favorite season!

Since this is the first day a Blogmas, I thought I’d take a quick second to explain what it is and how it works. Blogmas is basically when you post something every day of December until Christmas on your blog; it’s also something a lot of Youtubers do. However, finals were rough, so I figured I’d just do my own little style for Blogmas- hence the twelve days of Blogmas. Starting Today, twelve days before Christmas, I’ll be posting every day until Christmas, so get excited! Most of the content will be festive to get us in the holiday spirit, but if you have any specific ideas you want me to write about, drop them in the comments!



Me have an obsession with coffee shops? Nah, of course not, but on a totally unrelated note, if you’re ever in Atlanta, you have to check out this coffee shop, Muchacho! With both indoor and outdoor seating, it offered the perfect blend between cozy and a spice of life. It was a little on the expensive side, but the food/coffee was great, and hey, why not treat yourself to a cute cafe every once in a while? Or in my case wayyyyy to often.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen the pictures from this favorite. Another lovely find from our Atlanta trip was the apple picking capital of Georgia: Ellijay. They have an abundance of orchards, making our hygge dream of picking apples and baking a delicious apple treat from scratch a reality. We chose to go to R & A Orchards, but there are at least ten you can choose from.  If you haven’t gone apple picking yet, I would highly recommend it!


The Wilbury is a small local bar in Tallahassee that focuses on the music scene. If you read my Halloweek in my life, you might remember that I went to an Emo night with my roommates here. I also went to a concert here, but more on that later. If we’re honest, it kind of has a hole in the wall vibe but in a super endearing way. And the events are incredibly cheap; Emo night was $7, and my concert was…free!


Courtesy of My Life Journal


This fall, I got back into journaling. I used to journal a lot in high school. However, I kept it more like a log of my day’s events rather than using it as a brain dump. Now, I use it as a way to figure out my thoughts, scrawling out whatever comes to mind. It’s a great way to decompress, especially when you have the twinkly lights on and some hot apple cider. It wasn’t just your typical journaling that I got into this fall, but also bullet journaling. I have always loved the idea of bullet journaling, but if we’re honest, the process of designing it can feel overwhelming. So, this fall, I simplified my design by a lot, which made it easier for me to use and allowed me to enjoy the process.

Instax Square 6

I got an Instax Square 6 for my 20th birthday in August, but it wasn’t in the summer favorites because I hard-core procrastinated buying film, we’re talking months here people. What can I say? It’s expensive. Being the hipster that I am, I have always loved polaroids, but sadly my Instax Mini 8 met its tragic end right before my internship in Sweden, perfect timing, I know. While I loved my old polaroid, I’m obsessed with my new one. Not only are the photos square, which is quite frankly adorable, but it’s also a lot less sensitive to settings. I can not tell you how many films were wasted because I set my old polaroid in the wrong setting. Thankfully I cannot say the same for my new one. If you’re looking for a special Christmas gift for someone who likes artsy things, I cannot recommend the Instax Square 6 enough.


In my last favorites, I talked about budgeting, but what good does that do if you have nothing to enforce it? Digit is my favorite app for making sure I budget enough for my trips. It’s been helping me save for my Canada winter trip. I’ve already saved $1000 for backpacking this summer, working two jobs does pay off. This app is something I wish I would’ve known about before Sweden. Full disclosure, it does have a monthly subscription fee, but it’s a small price to pay for self-control.



October was a month for concerts: 21 Pilots, Carrie Underwood, and The Band Camino. All of which were completely different vibes, but I couldn’t be more obsessed with them. It started with my big inviting me to see her favorite band, 21 pilots, with her in Atlanta. If you know me, then you probably know that I can jam to pretty much any music, although Ben Howard is still my ultimate favorite, so I was super siked. I ended up knowing a lot more songs than I thought, and now I’ve been listening to them on repeat, seriously I’m listening to them right now. If you like alt music, definitely go check them out!

My next concert was Carrie Underwood with my OG concert girls: Lauren, Julia, and Alex. We had such a great time, even when Underwood decided to get super deep and try to make us cry. Let’s face it, even if you don’t like country music, she can sing! Lucky for me, though, I happen to like country music- In fact, I went through a huge country music face all through middle school and part of highschool-Yeehaw.

The last concert I went to was The Band Camino at…the Wilbury. See, I told you I’d get back to it. It was free for Florida State students and perfect because there were only about 200 people in the entire venue, so it was pretty intimate. I had only heard of a couple of their songs, but it was super fun to be able just to chill and listen to the music. Don’t worry, as soon as I was home, I loaded my Spotify with all of their songs. If you haven’t already, and you like alt, listen to 2/14, it’s one of my favorites. I loved this local music scene vibe. I want to make it a goal to go to more concerts, especially when they’re free!

Day-in-the-Life Blog Posts

This fall, I’ve looked experimenting with new blog styles, especially a more day in the life types. I enjoyed writing my Halloweek posts. I loved taking a more casual tone and feeling like I was giving a more honest look into my life. Not only did it help to keep me active and push myself out of my comfort zone, but I know it will be something fun to read down the road. I have experimented with more log-style posts in some of my travel posts, but it was cool to take a daily-look into a pretty regular week in my life, you know, aside from all the spookiness of Halloween. Let me know in the comments if this style post is something I should do more of.

Mental Health

Okay, so I hinted in my Halloweek and Accepting Imperfections posts about this, but I, like a third of the population, have struggled with mental illness in the past. Side note: I can’t express how grateful I am for all the support I received in the last posts! The past couple of years, I’ve been working hard on improving my mental health. However, I hit a slump again with the one year anniversaries of my grandma’s/puppy’s death. I worked hard not to repeat my past habits: trying to pretend it doesn’t exist until it ultimately consumes me. A little tip: that method doesn’t work, highly recommend avoiding at all costs. Instead, I journaled about it, focused on surrounding myself with loved ones, and, most importantly, I talked about it. To my friends/family, to my counselor, to you guys. Now I’m not saying you need to run around and tell everyone everything, but it’s okay to put yourself out their sometimes. I spent my whole life afraid to talk about any of my failures. Now, I’m finally starting to realize that it’s okay to be human. Anyways, here’s my little reminder that you deserve to be happy. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first and take steps to find your happiness.

Well, thanks for coming to my little Ted Talk, let me know how your fall was and leave your monthly favorites in the comments down below! And get excited for Blogmas- don’t forget to check back here tomorrow!


  • Louise Moreno

    Hi Sweetie, It is always great to hear from you, and all of your adventures. It sounds like you are having lots of fun, coffee shops, apple picking, and concerts! Grandpa and I are doing good for our age. We had a wonderful surprise party for our birthdays. Uncle Billy and Debbie planned it at your favorite place-“Olive Garden.” It was such a surprise to see so many of the family. I cried. Sorry you missed it. We have been very busy with our church festival the past 2 weekends. Grandpa volunteered to take over the German food booth. He is amazing for 90 years old. He also put up 100 Chrismas lights on our condo. It is so pretty. We hope to see you over the holidays. LOve you more

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