The Proper Way to Look at Christmas Lights

Whether it’s blizzarding outside, or the palm trees are swaying, there’s nothing to get you in the Holiday spirit like looking at Christmas lights. While it’s perfectly fine to do a quick drive-by on your way home from work, there’s something special about piling in the car with a group of loved ones. But before you do that, here are all the tips you need to make the most out of looking at Christmas lights, after all, you only get the opportunity to do this a couple of times a year!

Courtesy of Sam Manns

It’s All About the Vehicle

There are a ton of different ways you can go about this. Depending on where you live will affect what the ideal Christmas light vehicle is. However, the same rule applies to every location: the quirkier, the better! So round up your golf carts, tractors, and old pickup trucks. If it’s just a trip around the neighborhood, you could grab some of your closest friends and deck your tractor out for a hayride. If you live in a tropical climate, you’re probably all too familiar with boat parades, but you can use your boat to look at lights all season long. My favorite way to look at Christmas lights is in our jeep. We take the top off, and my brother wraps it up in lights.  Don’t get me wrong, even South Florida can get cold, but we bring blankets and snuggle in. No matter what vehicle you decide, make sure there’s enough room for everyone, but the perfect amount of space to snuggle in and get warm.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Eggnog, hot cocoa, chai, you name it. As much fun as looking at lights is, it’s easy to lose feeling in your fingertips, especially when you roll your windows down for a better view. With warm drinks and blankets to cuddle up with, you won’t go home with a nose as red as Rudolph’s! Bonus points if you put your warm drink in a festive holiday mug. While you’re at it, might as well grab some of those homemade gingerbread cookies, I’m sure Santa won’t mind.

Light it Up

The houses aren’t the only things that need to be lit, make sure your vehicle is decked to the nines, or in this case, the halls. If you can’t string lights around, no biggie, you can get a Rudolph nose and antlers for your car. You can even use paint on your car window to make it look like a winter wonderland! And of course, you can’t forget the tunes!

Courtesy of Toa Heftiba

Ugly Sweaters Aren’t Just for Parties

The vehicle isn’t the only thing that needs to be festive, but also you! Join in the festive fun with a Santa hat, ugly sweater, and Christmas socks! If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, you can even buy a Christmas suit or my favorite, a holiday onesie. But most of all, don’t forget to sing along and spread the holiday cheer!

And of course, don’t forget about the destination:

Research to make sure you’re visiting the best neighborhoods around. Some neighborhoods will even have themes. For instance, in an area by us, everyone has a lit-up candy cane outside there house. Well, the destination doesn’t always matter; lights are pretty much a must in looking at Christmas lights, so don’t be afraid to do some research ahead of time. You can find these festive neighborhoods by checking online, asking friends, or just go for a long drive.


If you’re up for a road trip here are all the best places to look at Christmas lights in the States:

Saint Augustine, Florida: Nights of Lights

As the oldest city in the States, they sure have had their practice with decorations, and Nights of Lights serves as the ultimate proof.

Telluride, Colorado: Ski Tree 

A 17-foot tall tree made out of only recycled skis? Umm, yes, please! Afterward, you can even hit the slopes!

Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Animals, need I say more?

Duluth, Minnesota: Bentleyville

I must say this gives my neighborhood Candy Cane a massive run for their money. Who knows you might even see Santa;).

Bernville, Pennsylvania: Koziar’s Christmas Village

The fact that one man’s decorations turned into a full-on Christmas village proves that dreams really can come true.

Waikele, Hawaii: Waikele Neighborhood lights

The sun, sand, and hot cocoa in hand, so likes the perfect tropical Christmas. Just don’t forget Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiin Christmas day.

The North Pole, Alaska: Santa Claus House

Santa’s sleigh, the world’s largest Santa, and a team of reindeer what more could you ask for?

Branson, Missouri: Silver Dollar City

Have you ever seen an 80-foot tree that towers over you while multicolored lights dance around it? No, then you’ve never been to Silver Dollar City for the Holidays.


Let me know in the comments where your favorite place to look at Christmas lights is! Have you ever been to any of the sites I mentioned?


  • Louise Moreno

    Love your blogs! We just concluded 2 weekends at our church annual Christmas Festival, with 100,000 lights, artificial snow, popcorn, hot cocoa and a walk through a winter wonderland. These wonderful church members really decorate our church grounds.
    We even have scenes from Bethlehem with live people portraying different scenes. Grandpa and I were in charge of the German food booth–bratwurt,s, saurkraut, red cabbage, potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream. Yummy! Grandpa even ordered leiderhosen outfit, and looked so darn cute. We are exhausted, but enjoyed it. Love you more.

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