Christmas Favorites

For Blogmas Day 5, wow, can you believe we’re already halfway through Blogmas, I thought I’d share my Christmas favorites with you.  If you follow my Instagram, I hinted at it in a recent story template, side note: if you haven’t filled it out, definitely do and tag me in it. I would love to hear your favorites!

Favorite Christmas Tree?

I guess I should start with preferences that as far as the Christmas tree debate goes, I’m a fan of real trees. While fake trees can have the same look, and who knows with some candles you can even get the smell, there’s something so endearing about going out to pick your tree. Especially this year, when we went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. As far as the tree itself I’m of the mindset, the plumper the better. If your tree doesn’t vaguely resemble Santa, you’re doing it wrong. My favorite tree we’ve ever gotten was the one from two years ago, although I’m not completely sure it qualifies as a tree. It was about as wide as it was tall. What can I say? Christmas bushes are where it’s at.

Favorite Christmas Legend?

Don’t get me wrong Frosty and Rudolph know how to spread the Christmas spirit, but my favorite Christmas legend is a little more original than that. Pour yourself some hot cocoa, grab a blanket, cuddle up, and I’ll tell you a story.  It’s the year 1968, December 24, to be exact. The newscaster had just come on the radio, Santa’s been seen flying over Franklin, Pennsylvania, he said. And just like that three little girls took off up to the room, they shared, their blonde pigtails bobbing behind them. All nestled into beds; they noticed a clunk and a thump. Santa? Perhaps he’d come early. Not Santa, something a little smaller that left footprints in the snow, an elf.   Spoiler alert: the youngest of the blonde pig-tailed girls would grow up to be my mom. And that was the story that had me clinging to the belief of Santa. And if you ask her about it, still today, she’ll say she’s not quite sure what caused those little elf footprints in the snow.

Favorite Christmas Song?

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been able to settle on just one Christmas song, they all hold their special memories. First, there’s Little Drummer Boy. It was my Grandma’s favorite and something that made my brother march around the house singing.  The Christmas Shoe song helps to put everything in perspective, but Last Christmas helps me live out my dream of a rock star- you can bet I can not hit a single one of those notes. You can also bet I still try every single time it comes on the radio.

The infamous Grossie

Favorite Christmas Tradition?

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite. It’s a time for traditions and anticipation. Is Santa going to come? Will Christmas be everything you hoped? And the best part? It’s looking at Christmas lights. I hinted at this in my Blogmas day two, but looking at lights is one of my favorite traditions. On Christmas Eve, after feasting on prime rib, or in my case stuffed peppers, my family piles into the Jeep, Santa hats on our heads, and hot cocoa in our hands.  When we got back, we’d spread reindeer feed, my gam would read- no recite, she had it memorized, the Night Before Christmas, and then we’d crawl in bed and wait to see what Santa brought in the morning.

My favorite childhood Christmas tradition is baking cookies. We would get up early and drive to my Aunt’s house, where my brother, my cousins, and I would spend the entire day making Christmas cookies. Most of them were pretty, complete with red and green sprinkles, but the best ones were absolutely atrocious. We called them grossies, let’s just say the name was fitting. After all, what else do you call a ball of dough stuff with so many sprinkles you can’t decide what color it is?

Favorite Types of Christmas Lights?

So now that you know it’s one of my favorite traditions, you might have figured out that I have a favorite Christmas light. While the simple multi-colored strands and oversized light bulbs will always be a top contender, the award for best Christmas light, at least in my humble opinion, goes to icicles. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, they’re the lights that hang from trees and “drip” snow. They’re mesmerizing, especially since Florida isn’t exactly known for it’s white Christmas’s. They help to make it feel like a winter wonderland.

As far as my favorite places to see lights, I once again have two answers. Can you tell I’m indecisive? When I was younger, there used to be a house that would go wild with decorating. The grass was filled with light-up signs, candy canes were passed out, and a toy train ran through the display. It was the closest thing I ever saw to Santa’s workshop. My other favorite place to look at lights was a neighborhood. The guy who owns the biggest house pays for the entire neighborhood to be decorated, and it gives Disney a run for their money. My favorite was always the light-up Santa that hung from a tree and waved from inside a helicopter.

Favorite Christmas Movie?

Okay, this is probably going to be a bit of a controversial one, but my all-time favorite Christmas movie is The Santa Claus. Yup, the one with Tim Allan. It all boils down to the fact that I’m a sucker for cheesy 90s movies. So you probably guessed that the runner up is Home Alone. As much as I love both these movies, I only like the first ones; although, Home Alone three not bad.


Well, there you have it, all my Christmas favorites. Let me know in the comments below what your favorites are!



  • Pam McCarter

    This one brought such joy to my heart. It was the elves😍 And oh how I loved our cookie tradition…have to say you and your cousins took the grossie to a whole new level.

  • Louise Moreno

    I just love your writings! Enjoyed all of the stories, you have a special gift! I remember my Father would go down to the cellar in Pennsylvania, and ring bells to signal Santa was coming. We hung our stockings, and they were filled with nuts, candies in the shape of toys, and a tangerine.My Grandfather lived with us since I was 2 years old, we would all sing Polish Christmas carols. i can still remember them. Christmas Eve, we fasted, ate fish and 6 other dishes. Straw was placed under the tablecloth to remind us of the manager where baby Jesus lay. An empty chair was at the table for Jesus to join us.I can still picture our real tree in our living room by the firepace with a train running underneath it.We all bundled up and went to church together to celebrate. I love “Silent Night.” Lots of happy memories. My Aunt Helen bought me a real china teaset when I was 6, that was special. Another Aunt Ann crochetted me a new dress with pink ribbons. Thanks for reminding me of all of my childhood. Love you more

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