Ethical Gift Ideas with Fairtrade America

Okay, so I may have been a bit of a tease and hinted at them in my NonProfits to Give Back to posts, but today’s the day I finally get to talk about Fairtrade America. Fairtrade America is a brand that focuses on making it easier to make ethical and sustainable choices. By working with a multitude of companies, they encourage these companies to use ethical practices in order to obtain a Fairtrade certification. In order to be Fairtrade certified a company must pay workers a Fairtrade minimum price. Alongside working with companies, they also promote ethical thinking within shopping by making it easy to access ethical brands. This allows shoppers to use their money to vote for companies with morals that the consumer supports. Fairtrade America’s website is easy to use and highlights brands that specialize in a variety of fields, including fashion, health and, of course, binging on holiday chocolates. How could it get better?  Fairtrade America and I have collaborated to bring you these wonderful gift ideas.

For the Late-Night Snacker

Between Fran’s Salt Caramels, Navitas Organic Cacao powder, Endangered Species chocolate bars, Fairtrade’s got everything you need. Let’s face it the holidays are the perfect time of the year to binge on treats. The ultimate holiday hack: wear a baggy sweater and no one will be able to tell your muffin top slightly resembles a bear who hoarded a little too much food for hibernation. And if they do just say you’re auditioning for the role of Santa. These treats are the perfect stocking stuffer for someone with a bit of a sweet tooth. The Endangered Species cranberries orange and cinnamon dark chocolate bar was so good I ate the whole thing in a day, whoops. It’s all good though because Endangered Species donates 10% of their profits to wildlife conservations. So I guess you could say it was for the animals. I would definitely recommend treating yourself to a little bit when you’re doing your Christmas shopping.

For the Environmentalists

We love an eco-friendly queen, so let’s support their journey of going green with a Fairtrade reusable bag. Not only is this bag adorable, but it’s the perfect size to carry your grocery haul. For the ultimate low-waste beginner gift kit, pair the bag with a reusable coffee cup and some reusable produce bags. Even if they aren’t super into sustainability, this might be the perfect push to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

For the Early Riser

Let’s face it, we all know that one person. The one who is coffee obsessed. You know the one who drank four cups, before you’ve finished your first. Kicking Horse Coffee is perfect for them. As the package says it’s the perfect present for someone whose set on “waking up and kicking ass.” For the perfect coffee bundle, wrap this delicious coffee up with a to-go espresso maker and a cute mug.



For the Hygge Enthusiast

Okay, you’re probably exhausted with the number of times I mention hygge, but the holidays are the perfect time to adopt this Danish lifestyle. So let’s gift up some coziness with these Conscious Step socks. Wrap them up with a good book, anything by Markus Zusak will suffice and a face mask, and viola it’s like you gifted a little slice of Denmark. Not only will these be the perfect gift for any cafe loving hipster, but they’re the gift that keeps giving. With each pair of organic Fairtrade cotton socks, you provide access to justice for two survivors of violence.


For the PTA Mom

Lastly, this apron is the perfect gift for anyone you know who completes the definition of a soccer mom. Throw in a recipe book that they can use at the school’s next bake sale and there you have it, the perfect gift! Just make sure not to run for the President of PTA.


Again, a huge thanks to Fairtrade America for collaborating with me. Make sure to check out their website for amazing ethical products, and comment down below what your favorite gift you’ve ever given or received was!




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