The True Meaning of Christmas

The rows of traffic stretch out farther than you can see. You tap your fingers on the wheel. If the light would hurry up and turn green, you can check off those last-minute gifts. God only knows the mall is going to be full of businesswomen too busy with phone calls to look where they’re going and kids with snotty fingers that poke at the passing toys. Gotta love the holidays. 

Somewhere in between the white elephant gifts and holiday bake sales, Christmas seems to have lost its spirit. There’s nothing wrong with presents and mistletoe, but it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday chaos. I spent the last couple days of Blogmas telling you how to get in the spirit with lights and gift guides, but here’s a little reminder that Christmas means so much more. Whatever your religious beliefs may be, the holidays are a time to bring everyone together. And for me, the true meaning of Christmas is just that: taking the time to be with the people you love. So whether you want to take a quote from the Grinch or listen to the lyrics of Christmas Must Be Something More, here’s a little reminder to enjoy the holidays, whatever that may mean to you.



Courtesy of Jessica Rockowitz

Get Spirited instead of Stressed

Spend Time with Loved Ones

The best part of Christmas is that everyone gets to be together. However, sometimes scheduling plans can become so overwhelming that curling up in a ball under the Christmas tree may seem a little too tempting. So make it easier on yourself, take a chill night. Grab the keys and bundle up in your car as you take a joy ride to look at lights. Or sit back and have a family game night as the holiday music plays in the background. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant holiday party to spend a festive time with your loved ones.

Take Time for Yourself

Whether you’re a student or a full-time worker, chances are the holidays is the one time you have off all year. But do you really get it off? With holiday parties, shopping for gifts, and relatives coming into town, it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself. Embrace your inner hygge: light a candle, and take a nice bubble bath. If you’re feeling festive, you can even get a holiday bath bomb!


As I mentioned in my Blogmas Day 4 post, the holidays are a time for giving. Not only is giving back rewarding, but you can meet some amazing people while supporting causes that you’re passionate about. If you don’t have the time to spend at a soup kitchen or an animal shelter, a simple act of kindness can go a long way. Try not to let the stress get to you, smile at a stranger, and don’t forget to tell your friends and family that you love them.


As the days tick down to Christmas, the tension rises, the parking lots fill up, and the swear words are let loose, so next time someone cuts you off in the middle of rush hour traffic, take a deep breath, grab some cocoa, pop in a good Christmas movie, and relax with your loved ones.

Comment down below with your favorite way to soak in the holiday spirit!


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