Prepping for the New Year

Happy 2020! Here’s hoping this decade is as glamorous as the roaring twenties, well actually a lot of stuff happened then so maybe not. To prep for the New Year, I thought I’d do what everyone does, reflect and set some intentions. I decided not to set complete resolutions, because I found that they never work that well. They become so overwhelming that eventual my brain blocks them out until I forget about them. So instead, I’m going to focus on setting some intentions.

But first, here’s my own little wrap up of 2019. Full disclaimer: this is in no way to brag, but rather just to remind myself all the good things that we’re able to come this year and soak up the nostalgia vibes.

  • I finished my second year at Uni. Yup, I’m now more than halfway down, cue the existential crisis, okay, let’s move on.
  • I interned abroad this summer, so I ended the year having traveled to 7 new countries: Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Canada
  • I started three new jobs, my summer internship in Sweden, which I did marketing and graphic design for a start-up dating company. And my two current jobs:  a graphic designer and a technical writer. I honestly love both my jobs so much and hope in the new year I can gain even more amazing experience.
  • I started writing for Her Campus FSU …and I’ve loved every second of it. Not only are the people amazing, but it’s also lead me to some amazing opportunities, like brand collaboration!
  • As I mentioned in my Fall Favorites, October was a month of concerts! This year, I was able to check off 3 concerts: Carrie Underwood, 21 Pilots,  and The Band Camino.
  • And I checked some things off my bucket list: saw a drive-in movie, got a little, cut down my own Christmas tree, went on a road trip with my closest friends, went berry-picking, solo-traveled, tried hibachi, got a tattoo.

All in all, 2019 was a pretty good way to end the decade, sure there were some rotten parts, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else. I loved to hear how your year was, so drop your 2019 highlights in the comments below.

2019 was a good year, but now it’s a new decade and I have some pretty big plans for her. Who knows maybe in ten years I’ll be letting you guys know about the crazy adventures the twenties held, but for now, let’s just focus on 2020! Here are my intentions for the next year:

  • Become an ethical shopper.

Okay, so you guys might have figured out from my Fairtrade collaboration that I’m passionate about using your money to vote for business and practices you support, so this year I would like to take it to the next level. In 2019, I did a lot of thrift shopping, but I still mostly shopped fast fashion for presents and last-minute shopping sprees. In 2020, I’d like to substantially cut back on my fast fashion intake, and instead focus on thrift shopping, supporting ethical brands, and of course, using what I already have.

  • Continue with low waste

In the same vein as ethical shopping, I’d like to continue on my low-waste journey. Sure, reusable bags and metal straws are a huge help, but I want to do more! What does that look like? Composting, bamboo toothbrushes, and maybe even a plastic-free challenge. I don’t plan on going zero-waste, my lifestyle isn’t quite set up for it, yet, but I do what to limit my impact as much as possible.

  • Grow Blog

This year I would love to focus more on you guys. It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of papers and wor.k that I log on to my blog to find out I’ve gone weeks without posting. So this year, I would love to get a more consistent blogging schedule, as well as focus on content that I’m passionate about and that my subscribers would like. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to continue to grow the subscriber’s number, but more importantly, I would like to focus on making the website something both me and my subscribers are proud of. If you have any specific requests or ideas for the my stamped passport community, please let me know in the comments or message me!

  • Summer Internship

Last summer was amazing…but a little pricy. This summer, I’d loved to secure a summer opportunity where I can continue to grow my writing and design experience without breaking my bank account. Extra bonus points: if it’s in a cool location!

  • Focus on Smaller Adventures

I’ve come to accept the fact that I might never be able to settle down, but that doesn’t mean I have to travel all the way around the globe. Okay, yes, I’m still going to do that, don’t worry it’s called my stamped passport for a reason, but I want to focus more on smaller adventures. That hole-in-the-wall local bar that plays local music, the Sunday farmers market, or the park located just down the street. There are so many easy, and cheap, was to spice up life, so hopefully, 2020 will be a year of taking advantage of them


Okay, well that’s all my goals for 2020. I hope this year is everything you deserve and more! Let me know about the big plans you have for this year in the comments! And for more advice to stick for your goals and starting the near year off right-click here, here, and here.


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