Everything You Need to Know Before Your Next Thrifting Trip

It’s official, almost my entire wardrobe is sponsored in part by thrifting obsession.  But can you blame me, with unique pieces, cheap prices, and environmental benefits thrifting is … The only downfall: knowing what to look for. I’ll admit, I first thrifting was too overwhelming, the thought of it was a turn-off. So here are some tips to guide you on your thrifting way. 


  • Find Inspo

It can be easy to get overwhelmed while thrifting. With racks and racks of slightly questionable objects, you can easily lose focus. Before your next thrift trip spend a bit of time making a list of what you want to find. My favorite thing to do is look through Pinterest and take pictures of any cute pieces I think I might be able to thrift. If Pinterest isn’t your thing, you can watch thrifting YouTubers or scroll through social media for inspiration. I love have screenshots or a list of items when I go thrifting because it makes it feel like a fun scavenger hunt!

Courtesy of Chrissie Kremer


  • Pick a Place

If you’ve been thrifting for a while the location might not matter, but for the beginning, it’s helpful to find a place that suits you. What’s your vibe? Is it a trendy consignment shop, uniquely curated vintage, or do you like to kick it old school and sort through jumbled up racks? Another thing to consider when picking your place is your budget. Are you thrifting cause your on that college girl’s budget or are you willing to spend a little bit more for a unique piece? Typically vintage stores will be the most expensive, with thrift stores being the easiest on your wallet. And if you don’t feel like getting out of bed, there are tons of online thrift stores, like ThredUp and Poshmark!

  • Decide whether to bring a buddy…or sport it solo

There are benefits to both bringing a thrifting buddy and going solo; it really just depends on your preference. The biggest thing to consider is whether or not your buddy and you have the same needs. The worst is when you take someone thrifting and after a quick eye-scan, they’re ready to leave. If you do find a good buddy though, it’s the perfect way to have fun with it, and you guess can keep your eye out for pieces each other would like! If you don’t have a thrifting buddy yet, you can find one at FSU’s Thrift Club


  • Stick with the color- sale colors

Normally stores will have tag colors that are on sale every week. By sticking to the tag color you can save even more money, and it adds to the fun scavenger hunt experience. If you really want to get the bang for your buck, you can try a Goodwill Outlet. Sure, everything’s in bins, instead of hung neatly on racks, but you pay for items by weight rather than individually!

Courtesy of @wonsaponatimevintage
  • Sift through everything!

Thrifting not like fast fashion. You can’t walk in for a couple of minutes and find everything, but that’s part of the fun. If you’re an experienced thrifter, you know the real finds are just outside of your comfort zone. Make sure to check other sections than just the women. Thrifting takes time, but if you check each section, you’ll find some amazing pieces.  My personal favorite is the men’s section. Maybe it’s because my style radiates an interesting blend of art hoe meets old golfer, but it truly is the best place. Not only is the men’s section typically less raided but if you’re looking for mom jeans, graphic tees, and oversized sweaters, so pretty much Urban Outfitters entire brand, it has it all! Another place to check is the return rack by the dressing room. With thrifitng 

  • Try Everything On

Let’s face it, sizes are weird. They’re even weirder at the thrift store since things have been stretched out of shrunk in the wash. I’ve been able to find things that fit from XS to XL; so try on everything! Just try not to get too caught up in all the great finds. Before you check out, ask yourself if you would buy this if it was at a fast-fashion store. Sure thrifting is a great way to try out new styles, but it’s easy to get caught up in the great deals. If you wouldn’t pay fast-fashion prices for it, maybe reconsider, not only is are you still spending money, but it counteracts all the good things thrifting does for the environment!


  • Reinvent things

My favorite thing about thrifting is being able to transform pieces. Sure that sweater was cute for the previous 80-year-old owner, but with a little crop, it looks like something straight out of a Brandy Melville catalog. You don’t have to stop with cropping, go crazy. One of my friends turned a thrifted funky vest into a statement purse; the possibilities are truly endless. 

  • Look into memberships

If you really enjoyed your thrifting expeditions, I would highly recommend looking into memberships. A lot of stores offer these, and the discounts add up. The Goodwill rewards card is only $25 for a year. You may be wondering why you would pay to shop but with the exclusive membership 50% off days meaning we’ve already saved way more than we paid. 

Courtesy of Matthew Reyes
  • Sport Your Finds

Now get out there and show off your thrifted finds! Who knows maybe you’ll even inspire someone to start thrifting. One thing for sure: your outfit will definitely be a fashion statement. 

Okay, while I let you get to thrifting, but before you go, drop your favorite thrift finds in the comments!


*This Article Originally Appeared in Her Campus FSU*

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  • Louise Moreno

    Hi Sweetie, We enjoy hearing from you. We love thrift shops. Grandpa was able to find a tuxedo in his size. Since I joined the “Red Hatters Club”, we both look for purple and red items. Unfortunately, our club has closed after 11 years, so now I am looking to get rid of red hats and purple outfits, Keep in touch, love you more.

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