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Hi, hello! Wow, it’s been a hot second since I last wrote and a lot has happened since. I finished the last day of my junior year at University, started a new job, oh, and of course some random beer caused chaos and the whole world to shut down, but I won’t harp on details everyone has heard too many times. I hope you guys have been staying safe and healthy, both physically and mentally!

Okay, by now you may be wondering if I plan on addressing the elephant in the room- or the fact that the room has changed completely. You may have noticed my blog has received a bit of an update. I decided to transfer my site from WordPress to Squarespace. Along with Squarespace being pretty user-friendly, it made my life a bit easier because my portfolio site is also Squarespace.

If you’re reading this on my old site, you might be extremely confused… well, my blog had a glow-up. For now, the domain is mystampedpassport.squarespace.com, but by July it’ll go back to being mystampedpassport.com. Sorry for any confusion this may cause. In the meantime I went through and subscribed all my current subscribers to the new site, to try to make it less confusing. If you’re okay with this make sure to click confirm in your email (it will go to whatever email you currently get website updates on). If for some reason you didn’t receive an email, and you would still like to be subscribe head over to the new site, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and enter your email. If you no longer want to be part of the my stamped passport community don’t confirm the email, and know that we’ll miss you!

But what exactly does that mean for the My Stamped Passport community? Well, with the design change, I thought it’d be the perfect time to refresh some of the content. You might know that my dream is to work at a magazine, specifically a travel and culture one like Cereal or Kinfolk. I’m really inspired by not only the type of content they create, but also the overall design and feeling the publications give. So inspired that I wanted to recreate that same feeling in my own blog. The overarching content topics will remain the same: travel, lifestyle, etc., but my aim for the content is to make it more specific. All this is an overly complicated way of saying that you can expect more travel guides and adventures similar to my Sweden Stories along with playlists and other things I’ve been loving: art style, mood boards, fashion, etc. Hopefully, you enjoy!


Speaking about what I’ve been loving, let’s rehash the whirlwind of the last couple months with a good ole fashion favorites.

What I’ve Been:

Reading: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Screw saving the best for last, this can’t wait. This book had been sitting on my shelf since my senior year of high school and I’ve only now just finished it, but I cannot recommend it enough. If you’re into historical fiction or anything World War II this is the book for you! Or if you just want to read some beautiful writing. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’m writing an entire post about it…seriously I liked it that much.

Watching: The Witcher

A complete 180 from All the Light We Cannot See, The Witcher is a Netflix Original sci-fi series that follows three main characters, a witcher- basically a modernized ghostbuster, a witch, and a princess… through a war… okay, maybe not as different as I thought. The series consists of three different timelines that ultimately join together in the present. I love how the three different stories weave together to beautifully create one. So far, I think there’s only one season, but if you can’t get enough, it’s based off a book series.

Listening to: Hue the Playlist

Being your typical hipster I decided that quarintine was the perfect time to go through and reorganize all my Spotify playlist. How did I organize you might ask, the only way a designer knows how: by color. Maybe it’s just that I’m a visual-thinker, or maybe I’m really just trying to embrace the eccentric struggling artist aesthetic, but I feel like certain things just correspond with certain colors. Some people color-code their closet, others, quite possibly only me, their playlists. Not only does the aesthetic of it make me happy, but it helps prevent whiplash that generally comes with putting my music on shuffle. Let me know in the comments if you think of a certain color when listening to a genre/song.

Courtesy:  Girlfriend Collective
Courtesy: Girlfriend Collective

Wearing: Girlfriend Collective

It’s okay, we’re friends, we don’t have to pretend that we’ve been spending quarantine in anything other than our favorite loungewear. But that also doesn’t mean we have to unleash our inner gremlin. I’ve been loving the athleisure look, more specifically Girlfriend Collective’s looks. If you’ve never heard of them before, Girlfriend Collective is an athletic-wear company that promotes sustainability and body positivity. I love how transparent they are about their production process, including going over worker wages, treatment of synthetic materials and harsh dyes, and so much more. And did I mention their leggings are made with recycled water bottles?

Doing: Morning Workout

Never have I been much of a morning workout fan. Sure, a little yoga to wake me right up but never more- that is until now. Now, every morning I spend some time moving my body- you know right before I plop under my favorite tree outside and spend the day reading. I started my workout really simple; after walking with mom, I’d do 10 minutes of morning yoga with a handful of sit ups and crunches. Everyday I added a little bit more on until I felt like my workout was complete. I think it’s important to acknowledge that just because we have time doesn’t mean you have to lose weight or start on some big life goal. We’re in a pandemic, so it’s okay to take it easy. That being said, definitely spend some time moving your body, it improves mental health and keeps your immune system running smoothly. If you’re not into the “traditional” work out, do something else. Swim some laps, walk around the block, have a dance party before bed, whatever makes you feel your best.

My corona workout.

30 situps. 30 crunches. 20 leg lifts.

20 supermans. 1 min plank. 30 squats.

1 min wall squat. 30 calve raise. 30 bicep curls. 30 tricep extensions.

Vlogging: Friendly Updates

It all started with one of my close friends. Social distancing meant that we couldn’t hang out so we decided to take matters into our own hands. After all, there’s only so many virtual movie nights you can have. To keep in touch we sent daily vlogs with each other. The vlogs recapped what happened over the day- spoiler alert not much. But it was still a great way to feel connect with a friend and they’ll be fun to watch back a couple years from now. Don’t get me wrong, a phone call will go a long way, but chances are you’re not going to call your friend every night to tell them that you read a few more chapters in your book or had yet another family movie night. So sending these two-minute videos were the perfect solution for connecting, laughing, and acknowledging that everyone’s in the same place right now.

Let me know in the comments something that makes you happy! Is it that lavender-scented candle that reminds you of your trip to Paris or the fact that you’ve finally made it through your must-watch list?

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