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    Sweden Stories: Chapter 3

    I peeked the camera lens out from behind the bush, clearing the leaves from the shot. Wincing as the shutter made a high pitch noise alerting the couple of my presence.  Okay, before you call the cops, let me explain. As the new marketing intern, chiefly in charge of maintaining our social media presence, I was recruited to photograph Relate’s dating event. You might remember that photography, especially portraiture, is my favorite art form. Which then might lead you to the question: why the hell are you hiding behind a bush?!? Well, I could say that I was trying some edgy angles, but that’d be a lie. Apparently, bushes are…

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    Sweden Stories: Chapter 2

    “Okay, I’ll start, but you guys better join in,” the kid from L.A. walked up to the machine. Shuffling through a few of the options before he settled on one and grabbed the mic. The first chords of All the Small Things strung out, ringing in the beginning of the night. My heart anxiously beating as I planned out my grand excuse. Sore throat? No. Headache? Maybe. I could always just go with the truth: terrible stage fright? Definitely not. “Taylor, let’s go,” somewhere amidst my scheming, I had gotten lost in the music and interesting performances of others.  I looked over at my friend. The temporary amnesia had worn…

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    Sweden Stories: Chapter 1

    Fletcher's voice flows through my headphones, humming along to Undrunk for the third time today, I shift my gaze out the subway window. Despite the uncomfortable proximity to countless strangers and the lingering smell of stale air, I can't help but smile. Maybe it's the feeling of independence, or my strange love for public transport (even though the number of times I've gotten on the wrong train or missed it completely hints that the feeling isn't mutual) but a rush surges through me. The recent events reeled out in front of me like an old movie.

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    Summer Favorites

    If you've been following my blog you may have noticed that this summer has been crazy. I've been around the world, while at least northern Europe, and back and because of that haven't gotten to post as much as I would've liked, meaning my favorites have been a little slacking. Don't worry I'm now going back to posting twice a week. So I thought I'd combine all my summer favorites into one gigantic list! But before I do one last disclaimer:  If you've read my other favorites you might notice that I didn't include a places section, that's because I've spent the summer traveling and I have way too many…

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    A Little Update

    Hi, hello! Wow, it’s been a hot second since I last wrote and a lot has happened since. I finished the last day of my junior year at University, started a new job, oh, and of course some random beer caused chaos and the whole world to shut down, but I won’t harp on details everyone has heard too many times. I hope you guys have been staying safe and healthy, both physically and mentally! Okay, by now you may be wondering if I plan on addressing the elephant in the room- or the fact that the room has changed completely. You may have noticed my blog has received a…