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    A Little Update

    Hi, hello! Wow, it’s been a hot second since I last wrote and a lot has happened since. I finished the last day of my junior year at University, started a new job, oh, and of course some random beer caused chaos and the whole world to shut down, but I won’t harp on details everyone has heard too many times. I hope you guys have been staying safe and healthy, both physically and mentally! Okay, by now you may be wondering if I plan on addressing the elephant in the room- or the fact that the room has changed completely. You may have noticed my blog has received a…

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    Everything You Need to Know Before Your Next Thrifting Trip

    It’s official, almost my entire wardrobe is sponsored in part by thrifting obsession.  But can you blame me, with unique pieces, cheap prices, and environmental benefits thrifting is … The only downfall: knowing what to look for. I’ll admit, I first thrifting was too overwhelming, the thought of it was a turn-off. So here are some tips to guide you on your thrifting way.  Before Find Inspo It can be easy to get overwhelmed while thrifting. With racks and racks of slightly questionable objects, you can easily lose focus. Before your next thrift trip spend a bit of time making a list of what you want to find. My favorite…

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    Christmas Around the World

    Merry Christmas! Wow, can you believe it's already the last day of Blogmas? Since this is a travel blog, first and foremost, I thought for Christmas, I'd highlight some traditions around the world! If you want to read more about my traditions, check out the rest of Blogmas, specifically my Christmas favorites.

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    ‘Tis the SEAS’on

    "Well, Basel got run off the road with a tractor-trailer." I could only imagine the thick blonde curls that belonged to the Alabamian accent rolling out behind me. "Really, pushed her straight off the road," the voice continued. The Seaworld guard scanned my ticket, a thick smile plastered on her face. "Into the trees- she didn't even get that much insurance money." I waited until we were a few feet away to make a remark about poor Basel and the tractor-trailer to my mom. Right off the bat, Seaworld was giving Disney a run for its money- the people watching was A plus. In the heat of the chaos and…