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    NYC Winter Lookbook

    And the countdown begins! December 26, I'm leaving to go to Canada then flying to New York right after. That's right. This crazy Floridian decided to go to Canada in the middle of winter. I'm so excited, though, so I thought I'd take you on the journey and show you what I plan on wearing to get me pumped and spread some outfit inspiration that will keep you warm and looking good. The best part is that most of these pieces are thrifted or hand-me-downs, so not only are all the outfits super affordable but also sustainable!

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    The True Meaning of Christmas

    The rows of traffic stretch out farther than you can see. You tap your fingers on the wheel. If the light would just hurry up and turn green you can check off those last-minute gifts. God only knows the mall is going to be full of businesswomen too busy with phone calls to look where they're going and kids with snotty fingers that poke at the passing toys. Gotta love the holidays. 

  • Sustainability

    A Sustainable Guide to Gift Giving

    The holidays are a time for family, friends… and trash. The reality isn't always merry and bright. Waste is up 25% during the holiday season; and despite wanting to "spread the love," it can be easy to get so caught up in giving to those around us that we forget to look after our planet. So, here's a guide to spread the love, but not the trash!

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    Have Yourself a Vegan Little Christmas

    The holidays are a time for loved ones and good food. Unfortunately, this food isn't always vegan-friendly. After all, it wasn't roast tofu that the grinch carves. However, eating vegan for the holiday is a lot easier than you may think, it just requires a little bit of planning. So here's how to ensure your holidays fit your dietary restrictions.

  • Sustainability

    Unboxing with Fairtrade America

    A huge thanks to Fairtrade America for partnering with me to bring you these wonderful holiday gift ideas. If you haven’t already go read Blogmas Day 6 to see how you can use these items to create the perfect gift and don’t forget to check Fairtrade America for all your gifting needs! Click here to watch the video!