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    Developing a Morning Routine

    My freshman year of college I would roll out of bed, rub the dust out of my eyes, throw on a hoodie and head to class. Last semester, my first semester of sophomore year, I landed an internship that required me to be there at 8 a.m. (don't worry it was 1000% worth it). I knew the gremlin hoodie look wasn't going to cut it, so I developed a morning routine, and it has honestly saved my life. Here are some of the tips I used to implement my routine:

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    Hygge for the Holidays

    If you read my November Favorites you may remember hearing about Hygge (n.: the Danish art of taking joy in the simple things). Well, the time has finally come for me to dive right in and show you how you can implement hygge into this holiday season, so get excited! But first, let me give you a bit of background. Hygge is a practice that the Danish developed to make the most out of their lives and implement gratitude for the simple things. Hygge focuses on the feelings of coziness and contentment, and what better time of the year for this than one when you’re surrounded by friends and family! After…