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    A Halloweek in my Life

    My spooky Halloween started with a fall drive to Thomasville, GA. This forty-minute drive is one of my favorites; it's on a two-lane highway surrounded by trees. Paired with a Ben Howard playlist, you can't beat it. I didn't have work since my campus was shut down for Homecoming so I decided to take to my favorite cafe to get the productivity juices flowing. Okay, here's a fun drinking game: take a shot every time I go to a coffee shop this week. Actually, don't, you will destroy your liver. 

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    A Letter to My Subscribers

    Hi. How have you been? It's been AWHILE since I've last written, not including my accidental posts, whoops. So, I thought I'd take a second to update you on the past month. A lot has happened. For starters, I'm officially in my third year at FSU. I know it's crazy, even crazier I'm officially twenty, cue the existential crisis!