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    Coast to Coast

    “We could go to Amalfi,” Kirsten said looking up to see a smile stretch across my face.  Within the hour our Airbnb had been booked, and our bags were packed. I looked at the clock “did we just book an Airbnb at 12:30 in the morning?” I smiled to myself. Ten hours later our train was pulling into Salerno. We pushed past the hustling crowd of the train station eager to find the ferry that would take us to Amalfi. I sat on the ferry, wind blowing through my hair,  refusing to shift my eyes from the coastline. Sailboats past us, gliding through the crystal blue water. On the cliffs, hints…

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    My Favorite Florentine Cafes

    Before coming to Italy, I had this picture in my head: me sitting in a café, sipping on a latte and working on my blog. I soon realized my vision, trying lots of different cafes, and hurting my bank account in the process and these are the ones that became my favorites.

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    When in Rome

    “It was here that Nero practiced riding his chariot,” my guide’s voice faded as my eyes wandered over the marble statues that lined St. Peter’s square.  Little did I know that it would be even harder for me to pay attention once inside the basilica. The light shone through the basilica at an angle, hitting the marble in a heavenly way. I walked around, head staring up at the ceiling and mouth parted in awe. Everywhere you looked there was art: statues, frescos, and different colored marble. It was a sight that was easy to get lost in, and that’s exactly what I did. “Our tour starts in 10 minutes,”…

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    Horsing Around in Siena

    It started with the rhythmic chant flooding my ears then slowly, but somehow all at once, it turned into silence, a crowd of thousands, still. Well, if I was going to be completely honest, it started with me running in the hopes of catching the train that was seconds away from leaving. It almost ended the same way too, but I’ll get to that later. My train pulled into the station sending a wave of second thoughts. What had I gotten myself into? How would I find my friend in a country where the street signs were in a different language? While I had heard about the Palio di Siena, the extent…